Aimee & Trey | Wedding @ Berry Barn

This wedding at The Berry Barn was one of my most emotional weddings to date. Aimee's father is a young man with Alzheimer's. She told in advance that we won't know what kind of a day he will be having on her wedding day. I was very aware I had to take it slow and smile big to keep the mood happy. In the above image, Aimee and her father had a moment together. I was just going to get a quick picture of them together then this happened. I was in tears as I was taking this image. Aimee was talking to her dad and he wasn't responsive to her questions. A tear dropped down my face when she asked her dad if he knew she was getting married today. I lost it. As a father, I can not possibly understand the pain she had asking him that question. I had the camera to my face wondering if I would get anything meaningful for her to have after the wedding...then it happened. Dad suddenly put his hand on her shoulder as if he was letting her know he is here. I took the picture knowing the Lord was using me to capture this image for her to cherish forever. It gets better! I go by them to get my original shot which was a quick pic of them together and he SMILED for me!!!!!

I had my camera set to multiple frames so, I squeezed off 11 shots in a row. Later when I got back to the studio I noticed the 1st image was the only smile and the other 10 images were no smiles with a blank face. This is the kind of experience I will forever remember my role in the wedding. I was able to not only give Aimee something to remember but yet 2 images that will best represent her father on her wedding day. He was there. His body doesn't do what he wants it to do, but he was there for Aimee.

I have 2 daughters and the thought of them going through something like this is too hard for me to think of. I will always remember Aimee and Trey's wedding because of the many significant events that kept happening throughout their wedding. Trey lost his grandfather that morning. I barely know Trey but I had to hug him before the ceremony and let him know it's ok to cry. This world can hardly be understandable but I know we are all playing roles within this human experience. Trey got through the ceremony just fine I'll have you know. Aimee was an amazing sight for him to watch walk down the aisle towards him.

Trey's smile overcast the pains of the day without any effort. I think they both knew the next chapter in their lives was happening and they would be doing it together from here on out! I am incredibly blessed to be their photographer. I have always loved the larger than life possibility of my job. I never saw it as a job rather an opportunity to capture greatness. Wedding photography is about living in the moment with your clients and celebrate their union.

I love my job.