Angela Lally | Bridals @ City Park

Angela Lally and Patrick Labat had the most fun at their wedding last night. MoJEAUX rocked the venue and we partied till the next day! was 12:30 am but technically it was the next day. :) I get so excited when my bride was one of my High School Seniors from the past and they invite me to be a part of their wedding many years later! I am such a "Romantic" when it comes to the sentimental aspects of my job. You can snap pictures and make a living or you can create amazing with every person you work for and leave a legacy for the world to see. Well, it's events like last night that continues the photographic journey I have with the Lally family. The next chapter of Angela and Pat's life will be when their family grows. Elizabeth Melancon Kuchler and I will be ready to capture the little soul they bring into this world and makes them a family. Until then and many moons from now, let's celebrate the new Mr. & Mrs. Labat.