BBC | destination management @ New Orleans

The BBC is the largest destination management companies in New Orleans. Working with them truly elevates our work to a whole new level. Their customers are huge companies from around the world that come here to New Orleans for their company conventions and private parties. One event even closed down the French Market for a company who had many vendors from a live band on stage, oysters being cooked on the back of a fire truck to life size JENGA tables with food truck to serve their guests. The team at BBC is very efficient and full of professional people who know how to run an event.

I am always proud when I get the phone call to work with them because I know the event will be amazing and beautiful. New Orleans is known for many things and special event on a private level is something you must experience with the good people at the BBC. I have always said, "If you want it done right you go straight to the top level of talent!" GK Photography and the BBC makes one beautiful event come true for any business wanting the best in New Orleans.