Are you marketing for when the covid-19 pandemic curve flattens?

The following images are from a recent session with River Bend Charters.  Like many of us small businesses, they wanted to get some content for marketing purposes when the virus curve flattens.  Nothing is normal right now so giving yourself the time to market will also help take your mind off of the present horrible situation and focus on the positive future.  I'm really glad we did these images because the city has not been this quiet since hurricane Katrina.  I was working a wedding the night before Katrina hit and that ominous feel throughout the city is exactly the feeling I have today.  This pandemic is like hurricane Katrina just without the hurricane part.  We all were here for each other to rebuild and this pandemic is no different.

Businesses helping businesses is the only way we will grow again.  While the government immediately bails out the large super companies like the airlines, banks, Walmarts, etc.  We small businesses have applied for financial assistance through every link offered to us and I am still waiting for confirmation on ANY of them.  This is a difficult time for all of us so let me help you by creating marketing material you can use for your web site, social media and printing purposes.  Together we will RISE.