Elizabeth had a great idea for all of us to go to the studio and take a picture. I said, Let's just sit on the floor with the empty studio behind us. SOOOooooo much history is in that building. All the kids grew up knowing that was dad's studio. It was only fitting for this image to happen. I have been moving one truckload a day for almost every day in July and the time to turn the keys in. I realized it's not the building I was missing it was the memories created within it! These 4 humans in the photograph are my proudest achievements. The new studio will have its own legacy and I'm excited to live the moments that are waiting to be experienced. GK is now located at 608 Papworth Ave in Metairie. Besides the location...NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED! My number is my cell 504-957-8412. If you call the old studio number it is forwarded to my cell anyway. Like you, I love my family and it's the memories I love creating! Cheers to an awesome new path created. #GodIsGood #focusedwithgk #SimpleCleanBeautiful