Communication Equals Creativity

Here in New Orleans our wedding events are much quicker in pace thank around the country.  We do not have sit down dinners so we go from church, group portraits then first dance at the reception.  The amount of work we do within the timeframe is very impressive actually.  I have realized that time management is all about your communication skills with your clients. If you are bored with your own workflow CHANGE IT UP!  Ask your bride for opportunities to be creative by scheduling the wedding day itinerary in your favor.  Nothing will ever change until you make it happen.
Whether they have a wedding planner or not, your voice is everything.  Communication with your bride for your creative ideas is EVERYTHING!  

Our last wedding was incredible at the hotel getting ready because we were ahead of schedule. I know this seems like a simple example but was a much bigger deal to me.  Usually when I get to the hotel the girls are not completely done with makeup, the bride, mom and mother in law are still needing last minute touch ups.  This is all time I'm waiting instead of creating.  On this wedding the makeup was completely done!  The girls were in their long shirts with monogramed initials and I had my total time to create.  They were ready to rock!  After we did the fun shot on the bed with her girls we had some time to kill before getting in their dresses. 

I always wanted to create some modeling shots with the girls but when time isn't allowed those types of images never get created.  I told the girls I wanted to take a quick shot of each of them and they can do their own pose.  One at a time I had them by the wall with the beautiful natural light and my fast paced goodness.  :) .   I Was like...I'm gonna turn away from you and on three, I'm turning fast and taking the single picture of whatever you wanna give me.  All the girls were laughing and shouting at each other for how to strike a was so much fun.    :)

These quick images are only one example of what good communication with your client will do for your creativity!  Gaining an extra 15 minutes on a New Orleans wedding is HUGE!  Take advantage of your time and take charge with your creative needs.