Miami - After Dark

This image was taken a bunch of years back when I taught at a seminar called "After Dark".  These were the best times of my teaching life.  Dave Junion, the creator of After Dark, was simply awesome.  He took an idea we all talked about learning photography in a new way, and made it happen.  I love to teach and After Dark was my favorite experience of all time.  

This image was a long exposed image enhanced with 2 flash pops on each model as I ran around the Lotus within 30 seconds of the shutter being open.  The point is learn! Learn as much as you can in the most unique ways you can.  If you only copy what you see from others you'll never step in the front to lead.  Dave knew how to make things happen and that was also one of my greatest take aways from this seminar.  Ideas are great but proper execution is genious.  :)