New Orleans Graffiti artists spread hope and love

This morning I took a drive downtown to do some street photography and I was practically in tears from what I saw.  When you drive through the city you'll notice all of the businesses are boarded up. At first I didn't know why, but then as I noticed police cars parked all scattered around the city, I realized they were there to have a presence of security.  The police being present downtown doesn't allows business owners to relax, stay home and stay healthy.  All of the windows that are boarded up prevents any break ins and creating further damage to an already damaged pandemic experience.  As you drive through streets you'll see nothing but plywood on the buildings.  The experience reminds me 100% of hurricane Katrina.   

The same ominous sensation that ran down my spine the night before hurricane Katrina pounded the city, is exactly how downtown New Orleans feels right now.  At least, it did until I saw these visions before me.  The boarded walls suddenly had graffiti art representing New Orleans legends amongst other great talents with sayings of hope and love for each other.  This is who we are, not just us New Orleans natives, but human beings in general.  

ARTIST: Josh Wingerter Art 

We are compassionate people who live on this planet and hope only has positive outcomes in life when it is attached to LOVE.  This pandemic has shown us how small we all really are.  We cannot even see this virus but it's out there trying to get us.

Families all over the world have experienced much down time together and it is wonderful.  I know when we talk about this virus we only want to think negatives and focus on all of the bad things that come with it, but my family needed the break.  This lockdown has given us all time for each other and the results have wonderful.  Of course we can all use a break from time to time but we have more memories created within the last month than we have had in the last year. 

Like the art on the plywood states...let art be viral.