Surprise private dinner for two

For all the men out there, getting ready to turn 25 years married, what are your plans to celebrate? Jim called me with his plans to surprise his lovely wife with a private dinner hosted by my friends at Marche'. The importance of this venue is what is used to be when the couple first connected 25 years ago.  Marche' is located in downtown New Orleans in the French Quarter. It used to be a restaurant called Bellaluna's. The single table resting in the beautiful ballroom accompanied by two hired orchestra musicians awaited the couple upon their arrival.  
My job was to get his lovely wife's expression when she entered the ballroom.  I decided to put a GoPro camera in a flower basket outside on the balcony to get them walking into the front door of Marche.  I also put a Canon G7X Mark2 on a tripod aimed at the elevator for when they exited and turned to walk towards the ballroom.  I placed myself in the ballroom and waited for the magic to happen.  
His lovely bride of 25 years was practically in tears of joy as Jim's private dinner design was being unveiled.  My job is often stressful when you understand the magnitude of the event happening in front of you.  I have learned of the years to create less stress by simply being more prepared in your delivery of coverage.  I delivered Jim his video coverage and still images  and this was his response...
"Wow.  You knocked it out of the park.  A Grand Slam!" - Jim

Absolutely nothing is more important to me than my clients LOVING their final product I deliver.  The following are some images taken but the video is a private moment for the couple, so I won't display it to the world.  I guess you'll just have to trust's awesome!!!   :)