Three small details that can make or break your proposal photos

There are no do-overs when it comes to your proposal photos, so it’s vital that you plan every detail of the shoot carefully to maximise the chances of getting the perfect snaps. Here are three small details that could make or break your photos, with our top tips to help you get them just right.


Your photographer will never be able to completely control the lighting for your proposal shoot, but there are certain times of day when the lighting is set to be its most even. Golden hour is a particularly good time for snapping photographs outdoors. This is where the sun is close to the horizon just after sunrise and just before sunset, producing a beautifully soft red-orange glow. It gives everything a magical quality so not only will your photos be fantastic, but the proposal itself will have the perfect romantic atmosphere.

Keep in mind that golden hour isn’t strictly an hour, and its duration varies depending on the season. Ask your photographer for their advice on timing, and once you’ve scheduled the proposal it’s important to be there on time so that you don’t miss the perfect lighting.


Even if you have an idyllic location picked out for your proposal, the photos could turn out poorly if there’s an unsightly feature in the background or a stranger inadvertently walks into the frame. You can minimize these problems by carefully choosing the right spot to propose and selecting a time of day that’s relatively quiet.

Hire a local photographer who can scout the area with you in advance to find the perfect proposal spot for you and a fantastic vantage point for them to snap the photos. Opting for a local photographer is also a great way to cut down on your carbon footprint if sustainability is set to be an important aspect of your wedding.


If it’s coming as a surprise, your soon-to-be fiancé won’t have the chance to pick out their ideal proposal outfit – so it’s important that you encourage them to get suitably dressed up without giving anything away. A great tactic is to tell them you’re taking them out to dinner so that they’ll wear something that makes them feel well-dressed and confident. If you know that your partner will want to have picture-perfect nails for your proposal photos, ask one of their friends or family members to treat them to a manicure the day before.

The colours you and your partner wear can affect the overall look of your proposal photos, so consider whether it’s possible to steer your partner towards a specific outfit. Consider the setting and the season and opt for complimentary colours. For example, if you’ll be proposing in a park in autumn, brown, rusty red, orange, cream, and gold tones will work well. You should also try to wear an outfit that fits well with your partner’s, so consider their look before choosing your own. If they’re in neutrals, go for the same. If they wear a bold colour, choose a similar shade and be careful not to clash with them.

Get your picture-perfect proposal

When you pay attention to these three details, you’re sure to help your photographer capture incredible photos of your proposal that you can treasure for life.