Catherine & Robert | Wedding @ Rosy's Jazz Hall

When I first meet Robert and Catherine at my studio I knew they were my clients from the first sentence of our consultation.  Robert is a musician like myself so all the things he wanted for his wedding imagery, I knew exactly what her wanted!  They had the Ratpack Band and they really rocked the house in big band style.  If you are a client of Rosy's Jazz Hall then you like unique, fun, eclectic, good food with a comfortable vibe.

I was so excited to see my happy couple having the time of their lives on the dance floor.  All of the images screamed who they were as a couple.  Everything from their shoes to their cakes really spoke about them as a couple.  I was super blessed to capture so many amazing images of their wedding.  Rock & Roll is a spritual experience when you are a musician on stage.  Bringing that element of history into your event is difficult without the right people at the event.  I can easliy say that Catherine & Rob rocked the house in their own style and comfort with all of their friends and family.  Good Times!  -GK