Chicory | Food Photography @ New Orleans

The Chicory does a fantastic job of hosting their open house for their clients to experience. One of the main features is how they show you and let you taste their food items on their menu. How many times have you been to a wedding and had food that was so unique you had to go home and tell the world about it? The Chicory team has a fantastic way of letting their guests appreciate their list of food that is offered for events. When you enter the Chicory for their open house, you walk up the stairs and to the left you will grab a skinny menu that is numbered in the order of how the food will come out of the kitchen for you to sample. Not only is it numbered but it tells you the time it will be available for your dining pleasure. One of the items on the menu is called a "Red Beans and Rice Fritter." This small bite size morsel of goodness will remind you of growing up in New Orleans eating home cooked red beans and rice that your grandma made. The chef prepares the red beans and rice by creating small ball size portions on a cookie sheet, then lets them set in the refrigerator for hardening. When it is ready to be served they take that bite size ball of red beans and rice and rolls it in a mixture of Panko and cornbread mix, then drops them down in the fryer. After the bite-sized morsels come out the fryer they are put on a pan and drizzled with a delicious sauce that complements the bite of food. When you bite into this fritter you are surprised by the overwhelming flavor and textures that reminds you of that bite of beans and rice with a side of cornbread that your grandma used to make. To say the least, you want more and more of these bite-sized morsels. Many things on their menu are delicious but this item is so creative I had to photograph it and blog about it today.

Wonderful creative vendors such as Kim Starr Wise, Royal Cakery, and Luminous Events add to the amazing Experience everyone had at the Chicory's open house. Here are a few of the images from last nights event that I am just compelled to share. Look up these amazing vendors for your event and you will not be disappointed.