Courtney | College Senior @ LSU

Courtney and I go way back to when she was a high school senior. In these images, she is a college grad from LSU. I also just captured her wedding so I'm a tad behind on posting these images. The biggest reason why we both work so well together is that she is an artist like myself. She loves all things creative and I Wanted that part of her to be obvious in the images, so we met on the LSU campus and she guided me to her favorite spots. The background you choose for your session should mimic your personal style. I'm super proud to say these images ARE COURTNEY!!!

My true blessings in my career are the people in front of my lens. We gravitate to each other for the same creative, true to yourself reasons and that is so important to me. I have to be honest and say the day Courtney texted me to be her wedding photographer, I practically had tears in my eyes. My wife can testify to that! HA!