Team Composites

The team composites are a personal favorite of mine because each composite is custom designed toward your business branding style. Whether you are a lawyer, band, realtor, doctor, etc. this feature saves you time and money in the long run. Have you ever had your team's picture taken to have a team member replaced suddenly? How difficult was it to get everyone back together for a new group image?

Instead, come to my studio and I'll do the following:

  • Photograph each person individually both full length and waist up which gives me a variety of options for creating the group composite. 

  • Each individual gets perfect lighting for optimal results making selecting their favorites a breeze. The composite will be made using the selected favorite photographs.

  • I will then retouch the selected images and add them to your online folder which you will always have access to because it will never expire. The images will be available for you to download as needed.

  • I will create the composite and email you the proof or we can schedule a day for us to sit together and co-create the composite design. This way you'll love the results even more! The design fee will vary depending on the size of the group being designed.

  • When you need to add someone new to the group just send them to my studio, and for $175, I will also add them to the composite FREE OF CHARGE as well as If you simply need to delete someone from the group. 

  • Finally, we will schedule everyone to come to the studio individually since they will not all need to be here simultaneously. For those with busy schedules, this is ideal! When no one's schedule is interfered with, and everyone loves their image in the composite, you will be the hero. 

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