Kristy and Ryan's wedding was summed up in one word: Beautiful! The people, the church, the reception, ...all were eye candy for me to appreciate and photograph. I knew we would have fun but the day unveiled itself to be a party to remember.

With Kristy's Michigan cheerleader friends and Ryan's LSU know that room was trying to out PARTY each other!

Actually everyone had a blast like one happy family should...Nawlin's style. We dance, we sing, we give hugs, high fives...we treat everyone like family and that is what the ballroom at the Bourbon Orleans felt like to me. After 20 years of capturing weddings you would think I have seen it all...or I'm tired of doing them? Nope. I'm just getting started.

You just don't forget a 1 mile 2nd line from the hotel to Bourbon street and back to the hotel. Now that is how you make your out of town family and friends remember your wedding!