Mason and Rachel | Wedding @ Colorado

Mason in Rachel's wedding in Colorado was absolutely beautiful to say the least. I love my hometown of New Orleans but it is always fun to get away and be creative in another location. In this case, Stonebridge Colorado was the perfect backdrop for Mason and Rachel's wedding. The property of the Pines Lodge truly made capturing that event easy. The property was absolutely beautiful and within a short driving distance down the mountain was their church and not far from that was their reception. My wife Elizabeth and I were able to go and enjoy the scenery Colorado had to offer and also celebrate our 16 year wedding anniversary. Elizabeth is a fantastic assistant for the beginning of the wedding when we photographed all of the details in the brides getting dressed location. This allows me to do my photographer thing and she can set up the small details and boy does it save time. Rachel loves fashion and things that are a bit more creative than the average bride. When I asked her what does her flowers look like she had a wonderful story of why she loves babies breath so much. When she was a young girl she was in a wedding and absolutely loved the babies breath and her flower bouquet. Since then she has had this obsession with babies breath because it is so beautiful yet very simple.

My photography complements Rachel perfectly because we both believe in the same aspects of design. Simple, beautiful, clean is the only way to go. Now the size of her babies breath bouquet was definitely an eyecatcher. The only thing about Rachel that was bigger than her bouquet was her beautiful smile. It always chokes me up when I see two people getting married and looking at each other with absolute amazement that today is finally happening. I am always said that the good Lord sends me the clients that are best suitable for my personality. And that is why the relationship I have with my clients continues through their growing family and beyond. My job as a professional photographer over the last 21 years has given me the opportunity to experience many aspects of the world around me and I am eternally grateful for for this life. I have become so passionate about the people I get to photograph. My wedding clients I feel like they are a step in the past when Elizabeth and I got married. I know the many years ahead of them and all the steps and chapters in their life as a growing family will involve.

Colorado provided us beautiful creeks and multicolored trees which complemented the blue sky above us. I was super excited to capture this Colorado wedding with digital and film media. I just love the different styles of imagery I can create with just two different medias. Film is a small fee to pay for which you can add on to our wedding collections. You either like film or you don't, so if you do I am happy to provide. I want to think Mason and Rachel for having me is there a target for because this was an event I will truly never forget.