Salon | Headshots @ The Masters Hair Salon

 I get a phone call one day to do some headshots for a local salon named "In The Masters Hands".  I was pleasently surprised to see that the stylists and owners were very creative in their work.  Our photoshoot would be blueprinted out for time, models scheduled for hair, makeip and photography and we wanted to capture as much as we could in one day!  It seemed like a fun but tall order but working with the girls was amazing!  These stylists are very good at what they do.  When you walk in their salon it isn't like any other I have seen in their area.  Cutting hair is one thing but to see their talent at work is awesome!
      My photography complimented their style perfectly and we accomplished all of our goals we had planned.  In a commercial shoot you MUST be organized to get the biggest bang for your dollar.  If you need a styled cut, go to and tell them that "GK" sent you!  :)