Shaya | Food Photography @ New Orleans

Well last night I had an event at Restaurant Shaya and the hors d'oeuvres coming out from the kitchen were simply WOW! Every bite of food was beautiful and delivered an impact of flavor. When you live in a city like NewOrleans you are sorta a foodie by nature. What makes our food so delicious is the simple fact that we cook the food with the bountiful amount of seasoning which we want you to experience our food with. Whenever I have traveled the country I noticed most restaurants rely up to you to add the salt and pepper on the table if you wanted it, almost as if they are shy or nervous about what maybe too seasons for the client.
Here in New Orleans our flavor profiles take no prisoners! The chef at Shaya holds no prisoners with his food as well. He is also a James Beard award winner learning from under one of the best chefs in New Orleans, chef Besh. With my camera in my hand and a packed room of people, as the plates of small morsels of delicious food was being passed, I was able to capture these images on the fly.
When you do go to Shaye make sure you tell the chef he saw his beautiful food here on my website!