Location Downtown New Orleans

Downtown New Orleans

Ahh, downtown New Orleans… Home to some of the most distinctly New Orleans landmarks and views. Yes, there’s a reason so many couples get married in this beautiful city. Almost every weekend, you can spot at least one couple and their friends and family second-lining down the street. Only New Orleans can be so vibrant and edgy while also being so romantic and charming.

Below are some of the photo shoots I’ve done in downtown New Orleans. The city is obviously a great setting for wedding and engagement photos, but here you can also see some of the other shoots I’ve done in the downtown area. Family portraits, model shoots, senior portraits, event photography, and commercial photography. I love capturing images of the people, events, and businesses that give New Orleans life! These are the events that keep out city vibrant and bustling and I love being the one behind the camera taking it all in. Check out some of my other photo shoots in New Orleans.