Three pictures you have to capture at your wedding reception

Your wedding day will be filled with unique, heart-warming moments. Getting ready with your wedding party, your parents seeing you in your wedding outfit for the first time, walking towards your partner at the end of the aisle, confetti shots, the first dance…the list goes on. Luckily, your photographer is there to capture all of those milestones throughout the day – and a good photographer will manage to catch the unexpected bits too. 

Once the paperwork is signed and you’re finally newlyweds, it’s time to celebrate. Your wedding reception is a golden opportunity for your photographer to get plenty of natural shots, capturing the joy of your just married status. 

Let’s look at some of the memorable moments you won’t want to miss. 

The calm before your guests arrive 

Wedding decor can become a pain point before the big day, with so many different elements to organise and choose. However, it will all be worth it when you walk into your venue and see the array of flowers, table decorations and lighting that you’ve chosen to set the scene for your first evening as a married couple. 

Before everyone comes in and starts admiring your carefully chosen table decorations, get your photographer to capture the scene. That way, your perfectly-placed decor will live on long after the last bit of confetti has been swept away. 

The wedding party on the dance floor 

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are an important part of your day, and therefore your wedding party will likely consist of your closest friends. As such, they’re often the ones who are really happy at your wedding, since they’re so pleased that you’ve tied the knot. 

The reception is a chance for you to relax and move on from the more formal parts of the day, but it’s also a chance for your bridal party to let their hair down. You’re officially married now, the speeches are done – a lot of their responsibilities are ticked off, and they can simply dance the night away with their friends.

Reaction to the first dance 

A classic photo on any wedding photographer’s list is the first dance. The moment is touching, significant and can also be incredibly fun, depending on how energetic the couple are feeling. 

But rather than just focusing on the camera solely on you, make sure that your photographer gets some shots of your guests’ reactions, especially if you’re planning a Dirty Dancing style choreographed number. After all, you will be focusing on the rhythm of the music, so you won’t be able to take in everything around you. Getting some reaction shots can really make the moment come back to life after the day. 

Plan ahead of time

 If you’ve got specific photos in mind that you’d like to add to your wedding album, speak to your photographer ahead of your wedding date, so that they can make sure they’re in the right place at the right time. If you have a large guest list, you may also want to think about hiring a second photographer, so that you don’t miss a single second of your magical day. 

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