Headshot Booth in
New Orleans,

Our fun Southern hospitality with professional portrait expertise will help you capture hundreds of qualified leads. Elevate participant engagement and establish face-to-face connections for increased booth attendance.


Easy As 1,2,3

Hello Event Planner, I have a new headshot experience that will blow your guests away! I only need TWO things from you and everything else I will handle including capture & delivery to each subject for you!

1. Your event attendee CSV file
2. Your company logo for custom branding
That’s It!

Step 1:

QR code

Step 2:

Enter Name & Email, Then Click Submit

Step 3:

Get in line for
your headshots!

Simple & Convenient

Individual Galleries

All images are instantly sorted into individual branded, online galleries. People only see their own headshots!

Retouch Selections

Streamline your workflow with online proofing, image selection and retouching. Your event experience just raised the bar!

Auto File Renaming

Automatically rename your image files with your subject’s name as you shoot. No more copying & pasting

Smart Email Delivery

Deliver individual galleries directly to every subject’s inbox. Send emails instantly while shooting or after the job!

Achieve Event

Disclaimer: We want to make your life easier by delivering digital files instantly, privately to the attendee. Not only that, but we will rename each file to match teh attendee’s name for better organization. Attendee’s can also order retouched photos of their favorite headshots. All of these services are included when you hire us for your next event.

Headshot Studio



$175 per person



$175 or less per person
$150 Location Fee

Group Composite

Group Composite

Optional Add-On
Prices Vary

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How to prepare for your headshots with GK!

1. Patterns or Plain?

It’s my opinion that strong patterns should be avoided on the day of the shoot. Most of the time, they only serve to distract. You want the viewer of the headshot to see your facial expression, not the expression of your clothing, so wear something that only adds to the tone you’re trying to convey.

2. To bare arms or wear sleeves?

Avoid sleeveless tops, as bare arms highlight the contrast between the tone and color of your arms in contrast to your face. You also risk showing your armpits in certain poses, and that is best avoided unless it’s a style statement and fits with the tone you’d like to convey for your company.

3. Colours?

This is important for group or team images. Just like you would create for a family portrait, you must keep the color tones within the same family for cohesiveness. 2 people wearing orange or red shirts will stand out in the group wearing darker blues or tans.

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